Drug Substance Capabilities

Focused expertise in Drug Substance manufacturing processes.

Areas of Focused Expertise

Hovione has been developing and scaling tough chemistries for over fifty years and in that timeframe has assembled the necessary technical capabilities and synthetic experience to enable us to perform almost any chemical transformation. Naturally we have developed appreciable expertise in certain technologies and processes during that timeframe. Specifically, we believe we have attained exceptional capabilities and physical assets in the areas of Chromatography, Corticosteroid Chemistry, Cryogenic, Fluorination, Highly Potent API, Hydrogenation, and Membrane Technology. With decades of experience in developing and commercializing products enabled by these technologies, Hovione would definitely make a particularly strong partner should your Drug Substance require implementation and scale up of any such technology.

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Our best practices

QbD, PAT, Britest and Lean tools at work in an integrated way


Also in Drug Substance Capabilities


Hovione has expanded its purification technologies to include chromatography to support development from lab to commercial scale.



Corticosteroids are produced in two dedicated buildings on the Loures site, which are equipped with vessels ranging from 50L up to 4000L.



Hovione has experience in carrying out reactions at low temperatures.


HPAPI – Highly Potent API

Our service for HPAPIs ranges from Drug Substance to Particle Engineering.



Hovione has vast experience in developing hydrogenation processes using both heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis.


Membrane Technology

Hovione has a wide range of membrane capabilities at its disposal including nanofiltration and ultrafiltration.