Drug Substance Manufacturing

We have an exceptional range of flexible manufacturing equipment to ensure availability and suitability for our customers’ manufacturing needs.

With worldwide locations, an exemplary regulatory track record and a ‘can do’ approach, our experienced manufacturing teams will provide the competence, capacity and quality you expect to manufacture your product on time, on budget and to the very highest standards.  

"We can never complain about the quality of the deliverables; technical skills, communication, project management are some of the strong points for Hovione”

(US Biopharmaceutical, West Coast)

Hovione can reliably supply products from gram to ton quantities manufactured in modern, fully GMP compliant facilities. Our proven track record with the most demanding customers in the most regulated markets speaks for itself. We offer a broad range of capabilities, including potent compound handling, membrane purification techniques (up to production scale), cryogenic capacity (up to 10,000 litres and down to -150ºC), and hydrogenation (up to 5,000 litres and 60 bar). With manufacturing plants located across the globe, we operate 24/7 with dedicated Quality Control support. All our sites are regularly inspected by health authorities and are approved to supply all major regulated markets, including the USA, Japan and Europe.


Extensive manufacturing capacity

Hovione has sites in three continents each with distinctive capabilities


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