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As new chemical entities have become increasingly complex over the years, Hovione recognized the need to look beyond the chemistry knowledge and experience of its scientific team to embrace the use of specialized equipment, ensuring precise process control under the most stringent process conditions.

In addition, we have developed considerable expertise with innovative technologies, such as membrane purification, as well as the scale-up of chromatographic purifications, all the way to industrial scale, enabling us to tackle even the most challenging purifications.

No less important, is the ability of our scientists to understand the key factors that ensure successful scale-up against tight development timelines. To guarantee robustness of operation of your processes at scale, Hovione has developed innovative Process Modeling techniques and Scale Down equipment to model, understand and refine the engineering of industrial scale manufacturing in a controlled laboratory environment. 


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PRIME - A Knowledge-based Assessment Tool to Classify Pharmaceutical Processes

The manufacturing of API is a long and complex process. The comparison between the different processes is not easy since the chemical structures vary and therefore the compounds' physical properties also change.

PRIME is a tool we developed which is able to take advantage of 60 years of experience in developing API process. The use of this tool allows us to develop our clients’ projects to better manage the expectations at different lifecycle stages of the processes.



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Watch our On-Demand Webinar where our speakers share their views on this new tool that is able to accelerate the development process.

Recorded on May 11th, 2020


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PRIME wins the 16th CPhI Pharma Awards




Isolation of a complex API

Successful integration of Chromatography, Nanofiltration and Spray Drying.


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