Development of Products for Pulmonary Delivery

We develop products together with our partners following Quality by Design principles to reach optimal product performance through robust processes.

Our commitment: less than 5 months from lab development to cGMP supply.


Hovione is a leading CDMO in dry powder formulations for Inhalation and Nasal, leveraging from our expertise in Particle Engineering and its integration into Drug Product.

One of our core approaches is the use of in silico modeling to support formulation design and predict outcomes prior to any experimentation. We use the same technology and fundamental principles in early development as will be used in late stage, allowing us to establish a formulation process around scale-independent parameters and obtain safe, effective and quality products in a lean way.

Leveraging from a collaboration driven relationship with our suppliers, we are in continuous improvement on our formulation strategies. We acknowledge the relevance of choosing the right excipient and capsule from earlier stages.

Additionally, we offer a broad range of simple, patented and globally competitive DPI devices according to target use and dose - from single to multi-use inhalers.


Our state-of-the-art development methodology includes

  • Spray drying of carrier free particles for high dosage and biopharmaceuticals
  • Particle engineering by jet milling and wet polishing
  • High and low shear mixing for standard and high dosage carrier-based formulations
  • Precision capsule filling for formulation development and stability studies
  • Seamless integration between formulation and device development 

Our analytical technologies can support our customers in getting quickly into clinic stages while maximizing chances of success

  • Cascade impaction (NGI, ACI, FSI) coupled with biorelevant tools for accurate performance characterization
  • Biorelevant dissolution for inhalation products
  • Particle surface analysis: raman imaging, specific surface area (by BET and iGC), atomic force microscopy
  • Wet and dry particle size method development
  • Amorphous content
  • Powder rheology

Our commitment: less than 5 months from lab development to cGMP supply.

Drug Product Inhalation Formulation Development | Hovione




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Spray Drying

Learn more about one of the most successful particle engineering technologies


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Hovione offers simple, patented and globally competitive dry powder inhalers – Disposable, Capsule, Blister and Large Dose DPIs – which are available for fully integrated turn-key development with formulation and for licensing.