Inhalation devices

Hovione’s inhalers offer our business partners access to simple, multipurpose, easy to use, globally competitive alternatives for inhalation delivery devices.


Based on target product profiles of Hovione’s business partners, we identified the need to develop a portfolio of inhalers to address requirements for a product that maximized simplicity of use and industrial manufacturability. As a result, Hovione’s inhalers exhibit the lowest number of parts and an absence of metal needles, springs or blades.

The present portfolio is structured to address two main areas of therapeutic intervention: acute treatment and chronic treatment.

For acute treatments, Hovione offers the TwinCaps, the world’s first market approved, single use, disposable inhaler. This cavity-based device allows the effective delivery of up to 50 mg of powder per cavity.

Drug Product Inhalation Device TwinCaps | Hovione


For chronic treatments, Hovione offers the PowdAir, a simple, reusable, capsule based (size 3 HPMC) metal-less inhaler.

Drug Product Inhalation Device Xcaps | Hovione


Both devices are available for clinical trial supply and for licensing. For additional information, please visit Hovione Technology website or Contact us.




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