Continuous Tableting for Drug Product

Hovione´s pragmatic approach to bridging science with manufacturing is now being leveraged for continuous tableting and it is the key to ultimately providing high quality medicines and the success of your drug product.


Welcome to the future of drug product development

Join our team members as they guide you through our Continuous Tableting facilities. A comprehensive journey on how Hovione is bridging science with manufacturing ensuring the robust transition from development to commercial ultimately providing high quality medicines in the most efficient way.

Continuous tableting is suited for all type of drug products for oral delivery, including the production of precision medicines and breakthrough therapies. This technology assures robust supply of quality product through enhanced process control strategies while using the same equipment for development and commercial-scale production. 


Drive your development with our in-house experts

At Hovione, we are experienced in understanding the most critical formulation and process parameters using the least amount of the valuable API, which is typically scarce during early phases of drug product development. R&D labs dedicated for continuous tableting, staffed by passionate minds, host a range of process development capabilities and manufacturing solutions to support a Quality-by-Design (QbD) approach.


Quality focus at every stage of drug development

Continuous tableting results in an extremely fast transformation time from powder to tablet. Therefore, at Hovione, we have developed the scientific know-how and tools to identify and mitigate risks early in development and correct the process trajectory through in-line diversion points or advanced process models during manufacturing campaigns.


Secure commercial transfer with a trusted partner

Our commercial manufacturing platform is equipped to support key control needs and delivers on operational excellence, mechanistic modeling, and appropriate process analytical technology (PAT). The Hovione quality system is designed to support the release of continuous tableting products through automated in-process controls, deployment of real time release, and a compliant digital infrastructure.


New state-of-the-art equipment

Hovione is partnering with the leading supplier in the field of continuous manufacturing processing for oral solid dose manufacturing and has installed a new Consigma continuous tableting line at the Loures site.

Potent Compound Handling

Hovione has the appropriate containment solutions in place to enable continuous tableting solutions of potent compounds.


How does Continuous Tableting work?


The Benefits

Continuous Tableting of Drug Product offers a distinct set of features and advantages that allows going from development to manufacturing in record time with high quality and less variability.


  • Faster development of simpler processes
  • Agile manufacturing for variable demand
  • Robust control strategies
  • High process quality standards 
  • Smaller footprint
  • Flexible batch size
  • No scale-up after making the commitment to commercialize
  • Enables high quality and Real Time Release
  • Reduced API consumption for development 

Why rely on us?

  • We guarantee to optimize the process of your drug product by developing an appropriate formulation and robust manufacturing process in the shortest time
  • We offer an integrated solution, from API development to GMP manufacture
  • We have worldwide capacity to meet your unique needs
  • We have a culture based on innovation, quality and delivery
  • And, we passionately turn any problem into a solution

Learn more about Continuous Tableting for Drug Product and how Hovione ensures the robust transition from development to commercial in record time with high quality and less variability in our webinar:


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