Jet milling is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and remains the leading technology for particle size reduction and is most commonly used for having consistent and uniform particles during formulation.

Jet milling is a highly effective technology for reducing particle size of inhalation and other drug products where the size of the particle is relevant to the effective delivery.

How it works

Jet milling is the standard API particle size reduction method. The powder is fed into a milling chamber where compressed air/nitrogen, usually in a vortex motion, promotes particle-to-particle collisions. Particle classification is made by inertia, following reduction via impaction and abrasion.


Powders for inhalation - Leading technology to obtain powders in the inhalation size range

Micronized powders for oral delivery - Powders that can be used to overcome solubility limitations of BCS class 2 and 4 drugs


  • Simple, solvent free operation, cost effective
  • In many cases can provide appropriate particle size distribution
  • Can enable handling of heat-sensitive materials


  • High energy input, potentially leading to amorphization, polymorph transformation and change in morphology
  • Limitation in feed size due to product injection method

Jet milling - Process fundamentals and modeling

Statistical and mechanistic approaches.

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