Particle Engineering for Inhalation and Nasal

Hovione is a global expert and recognized leader in particle engineering, an essential technology when developing inhalation drug products.

Particle Engineering 

Within the inhalation solutions provided by Hovione, we focus on advancing enabling particle engineering technologies for inhalation drug development, while maintaining tight control over more conventional techniques.

Hovione has developed its own toolkit to address the requirements of a new generation of inhalation grade particles, including bottom-up approaches such as spray drying and controlled microcrystallization and top-down approaches, such as wet polishing and jet milling.



Bottom-up approach

Controlled crystallization

Top-down approach
Air jet milling
Spray drying
Wet polishing

  • Target PS in a single step
  • Control over PS and distribution
  • Tailoring morphology and surface properties
  • Scalable approaches available
  • Process and scale-up complexity
  • Wide PS distribution, agglomeration
  • Limited morphology tuning
  • Requires isolation step for wet methods
  • Challenges for thermolabile molecules


Wet polishing

Wet polishing is a Hovione patented wet milling process that offers precise control over particle size distribution, enhancing the efficiency and performance of inhalation products. This proprietary particle engineering technology allows the manufacturing of uniform material with narrow particle size spans, tuned surface properties and morphology as well as reduced amorphous content.

Spray drying

For high dose inhalation products, nasal powders, or labile APIs such as biopharmaceuticals, engineered carrier-free particles are desirable. Spray drying is a proven well-established technology for these types of needs.

By applying our strong expertise in spray drying, technology Hovione is able to offer a well-established carrier-free formulation in a single spray drying step.

Carrier-free formulations typically include API embedded in an excipient matrix and the whole particle is precisely engineered for stabilization and for efficient delivery to the lungs or nose. 

A diverse range of particle morphologies can be derived ranging from microencapsulated particles to amorphous solid dispersions or large porous particles, with an aerodynamic particle size between 1 to 5 µm for lung delivery.

The carrier-free formulation development goes hand in hand with the application of QbD principles. We can guarantee excellent control over the process as well as optimization of the final product performance using our in-house predictive tools which are based on data science and more than 25 years of experience.
Hovione´s spray drying process is fully scalable to meet increasing demands from early development to clinical supply and through to commercial manufacturing. For a lean scale-up focused on inhalation we include patented tailor-made solutions that maximize yield and process robustness.

Jet milling

Jet milling plays a pivotal role in optimizing drug delivery, using the traditional carrier-based formulation approach. Our jet milling services are a key component of our comprehensive approach to inhalation drug development. A robust process development and scale-up is key for consistent aerosolization and deposition within the respiratory tract. Hovione harnesses years of experience and leadership together with mathematical models to assure that the micronized materials meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


Our particle engineering capabilities mainly include:

  • Lab process development
  • Tech transfer and scale-up
  • Modeling
  • cGMP supply
  • Commercial

From lab to commercial, from inhalation to nasal, our portfolio of technologies continuously expands and adapts to meet your changing needs. 

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