We offer a number of innovative particle engineering technologies, at all scales, to address recent challenges in drug delivery.

We specialize in particle engineering technologies to address oral bioavailability, lung delivery, modified release and taste masking. In each technology we can support you from proof of concept to commercial manufacturing.

Several commercial products have been developed and launched, and are currently manufactured by us. Our experience and mathematical modelling techniques allow us to confidently provide answers with unexpected speed.

Particle engineering Solutions for Solubility, Patient Acceptability, Bioavailability, Permeability, Modified Release, Enhanced Delivery | Hovione

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Also in Particle Engineering


Hovione offers a full range of development services in particle engineering to provides optimal solutions for your drug product.



Hovione has extensive manufacturing capacity in Particle Engineering providing the right scale and flexibility for all our customers.


Drug delivery platforms

Hovione has unique capabilities and expertise in solubility enhancement, lung delivery, modified release and taste-masking applications.