Hovione inhalation grade APIs bring unique controlled performance to your formulation.

Focused expertise in Drug Substance manufacturing processes

Inhalation Drug substance services

Hovione has been developing and scaling tough chemistries for over sixty years and in that timeframe has assembled the necessary technical capabilities and synthetic experience which enable us to perform almost any chemical transformation. With decades of experience in developing and commercializing products from these foundations, Hovione provides strong partnership for all your Drug Substance challenges and needs. 

Customized Inhalation & Nasal grade API 

Hovione has developed a range of APIs with superior performance that address the challenges of orally inhaled and nasal products.

Hovione can fine tune the particle size distribution (PSD) of the API with unprecedented control, significantly exceeding what can typically be achieved by jet milling. Hovione allows its customer to target challenging DV50 and very tight spans with demonstrated consistency between batches and scales. The reduction in variability of API particle sizes distribution simplifies the formulation development effort and lends itself to improved product performance. Customized Inhalation grades with the desired particle size can be manufactured to meet customer requisites.

jet milling API particle size distribution for formulation development | Hovione

Hovione customized inhalation grade APIs are designed at the particle level. They have very little or no amorphous content with the possibility to tune surface properties and morphology. Comparative studies using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) show the morphology differences between fluticasone propionate inhalation grade and fluticasone propionate obtained by jet milling.

fluticasone, inhalation formulations development, APIs for Inhalation | Hovione

Our APIs present:

  • Scale-flexible processes
  • Capability for Dv50 < 5 μm & Dv90 < 10 μm particle sizes
  • Narrow span materials
  • High reproducibility (PSD variability within ± 0.3 μm)
  • Tunable surface properties & morphology
  • Commercial batch sizes suitable to diverse needs

In addition, Hovione is ready to discuss your small and macro-molecules especially for delivery via the inhalation or nasal routes.

Hovione inhalation grades API current offering:

Please feel free to contact us if you have other inhalation or nasal APIs of interest.




Hovione Off Patent API

Impeccable chemical purity and unique product performance.


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Also in Inhalation and Nasal

Particle Engineering for Inhalation and Nasal

Hovione is a global expert and recognized leader in particle engineering, an essential technology when developing inhalation drug products.



We develop inhalation & nasal products with our partners following Quality by Design principles to reach optimal product performance through robust processes.



Fully-integrated Filling for your device needs.



Hovione offers simple, patented and globally competitive dry powder inhalers – Disposable, Capsule, Blister and Large Dose DPIs – which are available for fully integrated turn-key development with formulation and for licensing.


Analytical Characterization

Hovione advanced characterization capabilities of inhalation and nasal products is crucial to determine their safety and efficacy.