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Hovione inhalation grade APIs bring unique performance to your formulation.

Hovione has developed a range of APIs with superior performance that helps to address the challenges of inhalation formulations development.

Hovione can fine tune the particle size distribution (PSD) of the API with unprecedent control, exceeding by far what can typically be achieve by air jet milling. Hovione allows its customer to target challenging DV50 and very tight spans with great consistency from batch to batch. The reduction in variability of API particle size distribution simplifies the formulation development effort.

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Hovione inhalation grade APIs are designed at the particle level. They have very little or no amorphous content and the particles are smooth with no sharp edges. The former translates into reduced particle to particle bridging which improves API and formulation stability. The later leads to more predictable particle cohesion properties in the formulation. Comparative studies using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) show significant differences between fluticasone propionate inhalation grade and fluticasone propionate obtained by air jet milling.

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Hovione Off Patent API

Impeccable chemical purity and unique product performance.


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Hovione's APIs offer impeccable chemical purity and unique product performance.


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