Hovione offers a full range of development services in particle engineering to provides optimal solutions for your drug product.

Hovione has more than a decade of accumulated experience and knowledge in Particle Engineering process development and scale-up. Our multidisciplinary development teams combine science and management to reduce, risk and time-to-market. Chemical engineers, pharmaceutical scientists, material scientists, chemists, analytical chemists, and others, work side-by-side to develop the most innovative solutions for your specific needs through the best use of the most up-to-date technologies, and practices in drug product development.

Hovione performs: a) proof of concept studies using the absolute minimal quantities of the drug substance  b) full process industrialization and c) commercialization. We make use of our proprietary framework EDaM (Excellent Development and Manufacturing) to ensure that early on in the process development, we are making the right choices concerning the long term commercial manufacturing strategy as well as product lifecycle management. Our development tools are constantly evolving to provide an enhanced understanding of the product and process. Some of our tools include mechanistic modeling, scale-up science, statistical design of experiments, respective analysis and process analytical technologies (PAT).

As an integrated service provider Hovione can manufacture your drug substance all the way to commercial supplies and perform formulation development and production of early clinical supplies.

Learn more about our technologies, with the following articles by Hovione's experts: 

Scale-up of spray dried amorphous solid dispersions
Published in European Industrial Pharmacy, December 2013

Spray congealing: applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry 
Published in Chemistry Today, September/October 2013




Development and Manufacturing of Inhalable Drugs Under a QbD Approach

Quality by Design helps understand key critical inhalation process parameters


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Also in Development


ASD-HIPROS, Hovione’s Intelligent Proprietary Screening, is the most advanced and accurate tool to identify Amorphous Solid Dispersion formulations by Spray Drying with maximum performance and stability.