Hovione has extensive manufacturing capacity in Particle Engineering providing the right scale and flexibility for all our customers.

Hovione has a proven track record as a provider of Particle Engineering manufacturing services. In 2019 we celebrated 15 years of commercial spray drying. Having been involved in over 100 scale-up projects, Hovione has unrivaled experience in the industrialization and manufacturing of processes that use spray drying technologies. To date, we have successfully supported numerous process validations and regulatory submissions with subsequent marketing authorizations.

Our Particle Engineering manufacturing assets are spread over three sites (Cork, Loures, New Jersey) and range from pilot to very large scale equipment. Hovione has also invested in capacity to handle highly potent compounds at our Loures and New Jersey sites in response to the increasing number of highly potent drugs under development and requests from customers.

Hovione has been at forefront of the application of Quality by Design methodology as well as Lean Manufacturing principles to drive efficiency in manufacturing processes. Step-change improvements in lead-times have also been achieved through detailed analysis of the product value chains, through elimination of redundant activities and focus on rate-limiting steps.



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Also in Particle Engineering


Hovione offers a full range of development services in particle engineering to provides optimal solutions for your drug product.



We offer a number of innovative particle engineering technologies, at all scales, to address recent challenges in drug delivery.


Drug delivery platforms

Hovione has unique capabilities and expertise in solubility enhancement, lung delivery, modified release and taste-masking applications.