Spray drying for inhalation

Innovative particle engineering platform by spray drying. Biopharmaceuticals and high dosage delivery. Ensure process robustness and scalability from lab to commercial.

For high dosage formulations, namely anti-infectives, or sensitive API such as biopharmaceuticals, engineered carrier-free particles are the way forward. Spray drying is a proven and one of the most well-established technologies for that purpose.

How would you like your particle?

Applying Hovione’s strong expertise in spray drying technology we are able to offer a well-established carrier-free formulation in a single spray drying step.

Carrier-free formulations typically include API embedded in an excipient matrix and the whole particle is precisely engineered for stabilizing and successfully aerosolize and deliver the API to the lungs.

A diverse range of particle morphologies can be derived: from microencapsulated particles to amorphous solid dispersions or large porous particles with an aerodynamic particle size between 1 to 5 µm.

The carrier-free formulation development goes hand in hand with the application of QbD principles. We can guarantee excellent control over the process as well as optimization of the final product performance using our in-house predictive tools based on data science and more than 15 years of experience.

It is also our commitment to ensure that your spray drying process is scalable in order to meet the increasing demands from early development to clinical supply until commercial manufacturing. For a lean scale-up focused on inhalation we include patented multi-nozzle and tailor-made solutions that maximize yield and process robustness.

Our platform of carrier-free formulations mainly includes

  • In silico testing
  • Lab-scale screening
  • Formulation development, including high dosage and biopharmaceuticals
  • Lab scale production
  • Performance characterization
  • Stability studies
  • Advanced analytical characterization
  • cGMP supply
  • Tech transfer and scale-up

Our team is ready to help to overcome your challenges and fully develop your next carrier-free formulation.

Our commitment: less than 5 months from lab development to cGPM supply.


What is your main problem when developing a new spray-dried product?

Time, costs, resources or API availability? Watch this video to find more about Development by Design


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