Disposable DPI for high dose drug delivery.

8Shot Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) | Hovione

Patented disposable dry powder inhalers for indications where high doses are needed, such as antibiotics, anti-virals, vaccines, pain or rescue treatments.

Designed to be extremely simple to use, highly cost-effective and to enable delivery of large doses from multiple inhalations conveniently to patients.

TwinMax features a patent-granted dose compartment design enabling efficient delivery of large doses formulated as drug alone or engineered particles.

It features two separate pre-filled drug compartments compatible with doses up to 2 x 50 mg.  

8Shot features eight pre-filled drug compartments enabling delivery of up to 8 x 30 mg. It is extremely simple to use: the patient just needs to turn to take the next dose.

TwinMax and 8Shot are both available for Licensing and Supply.

TwinMax and 8 Shot Devices | Hovione


  • Antibiotics 

  • Anti-virals

  • Vaccines 

  • Pain management

  • Rescue therapies

Large dose delivery made safe, effective and convenient to patients

TwinMax and 8Shot enable high doses of antibiotics, anti-virals, vaccines, peptides and other drugs to the lung in a single or medium-term treatment. They comprise pre-filled unit doses of powder for therapeutic benefit and convenience of use and are disposable for reasons of safety and hygiene. Manufactured from only two plastic parts turns both DPIs into economically viable products in acute and medium-term treatments.

TwinMax relies on the market proven usability of TwinCaps: the patient simply needs to push to the next dose and inhale. Its patent-granted twin compartment design is compatible with doses up to 2 x 50 mg with a wide range of formulations, including challenging drug-alone or particle engineered formulations typical of high dose applications. Under a clear configuration, it provides visual feedback to the patient that the complete dose has been inhaled.

8Shot offers the highest dose delivery capability at easiest use and convenience to patients. The patient just turns to access the next dose. 8Shot provides a patient friendly solution for daily high dose delivery without the burden of instructing the patient to reload the device multiple times leading to a long, time-consuming, error-prone use sequence. Its circular compartment design is compatible with doses up to 8 x 30 mg, including also drug-alone or particle engineered formulations. Full customization is available: color, size, grip shape, visual feedback to patient and number of compartments to suit the targeted drug product application.

In addition to TwinMax and 8Shot device supply, Hovione provides all formulation development services and device filling for the targeted indication. We can conduct fully integrated device and formulation development and optimization. Hovione can provide Generic and Innovator drug developments from proof-of-concept to scale-up and manufacturing of clinical and commercial drug product supply. 


Available for Partnering and Supply

  • Single-use disposable dry powder inhalers
  • Patent life up to 2038
  • Extreme simplicity: push or turn and inhale
  • Small size and hygienic
  • Pre-filled, separate dose compartments – available in Twin or Circular configuration
  • High dosage capability – up to 2 x 50 mg in Twin configuration and up 8 x 30 mg in Circular configuration
  • Allows multiple drugs to be delivered independently
  • Compatible with carrier and engineered formulations
  • Medium device resistance
  • Fully injection molded from 2 plastic components
  • Customization available: color, size, visual feedback to patient
  • Maximum affordability
  • Available for Licensing, Supply and integrated Formulation-Device development
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Patent life to 2038

Dose up to 8 x 30 mg

Fully injection moulded

Economic at Global Scale

Available for Licensing and Supply


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