Hovione is a global expert in particle engineering, an essential technology when developing inhalation drug products.

Inhalation grade particle generation strategies

Within inhalation drug development services, Hovione focuses on the development of enabling particle engineering solutions for inhalation drug development, while maintaining tight control over conventional development techniques.

Hovione has developed its own toolkit to address the requirements of a new generation of inhalation grade particles, including bottom-up approaches such as controlled microcrystallization and top-down approaches, such as air jet milling, spray drying and wet polishing.


Bottom-up approach

Controlled crystallization

Top-down approach
Air jet milling
Spray drying
Wet polishing
Strengths • Target PS in a single step • Control over PS and distribution
• Tailoring morphology and surface properties
• Scalable approaches available
Limitations • Process and scale-up complexity
• Wide PS distribution, agglomeration
• Limited morphology tuning
• Requires isolation step for wet methods
• Challenges for thermolabile molecules







Scale-up & QbD approaches for spray-dried inhalation formulations

describe the strong position of inhalable products in preclinical and clinical pipelines.