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Article / Jun 01, 2014

Scale-up & QbD Approaches for Spray-Dried Inhalation Formulations

  • Eunice Costa
  • Filipe Neves
  • Goncalo Andrade
  • Conrad Winters
ONdrugDelivery, 2014, June, pp. 3 - 8

Here, Eunice Costa, PhD, Scientist, Drug Product Development; Filipe Neves, PhD, Senior Scientist, Group Leader, Drug Product Development; Gonçalo Andrade, PhD, Business Development Manager; and Conrad Winters, PhD, Director, Drug Product Development, all of Hovione, describe the strong position of inhalable products in preclinical and clinical pipelines and make the case for formulation-based approaches to enable and enhance pulmonary product development.
Spray-drying technology in particular is highlighted as a highly favourable, scalable manufacturing technique for inhalable composite particles.