Hovione has a complete range of dry powder inhalers – Disposable, Capsule, Blister and Large Dose DPIs – which are available both for turn-key fully integrated development with formulation and for licensing.

Device technology innovators

Hovione has 20 years of expertise in the development and marketing of innovative inhalation devices. We offer dry powder inhalers that are simple, patented and cost-effective on a global scale and aim to build partnerships to put world-class inhalation products in the hands of patients. Hovione has developed the first market approved disposable dry powder inhaler for influenza treatment in Japan, which has become a notable success story resulting in millions of patients being treated every year with our innovative inhaler technology.

Full range of DPIs: available off-the-shelf and with long patent life

Hovione offers a complete portfolio of platforms suitable for both innovator and generic developments. Our DPIs are available off-the-shelf for integrated development with formulation and for licensing from our device technology unit Hovione Technology.

TwinCaps® – World’s largest selling disposable DPI

  • Market approved, delivers Daiichi-Sakyo’s antiviral drug Inavir®
    and leader in Japan for influenza

  • Dose up to 2 x 30 mg

  • Patent life to 2027

  • Applications: anti-infectious, vaccines, pain, rescue and others

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Large Dose DPIs – Disposable DPIs for high dose drug delivery

  • For single or repeated delivery of high doses

  • Dose configurations: 2 x 50 mg in TwinMax, 8 x 50 mg in 8Shot

  • Patent life to 2038

  • Applications: antibiotics, vaccines, CF, IPF, pain and others

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PowdAir® – Easy-to-use, multi-use capsule DPI

  • Extremely simple to use with automatic capsule opening

  • Industrial stage, available for off-the-shelf supply

  • Patent life to 2034

  • Applications: asthma, COPD, CF and others

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Papillon™ – Ultra-affordable, multi-use blister DPI

  • Single or multi-use and extremely simple

  • One or two separate blisters allowing single or combination therapies

  • Patent life to 2035

  • Applications: asthma, COPD, CF, anti-infectious, rescue and others

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Integrated formulation and device development

All our DPIs are simple to use, innovative and built from few plastic parts, which makes them cost-effective at global scale and reduces development cost and risk. Under a single roof, Hovione provides API, formulation and device in a fully integrated turn-key development from early feasibility to commercial manufacturing.


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Development of Products for Pulmonary Delivery

We develop products together with our partners following Quality by Design principles to reach optimal product performance through robust processes.


Manufacturing for Pulmonary Delivery

One-Site-Stop for inhalation products. Less regulatory hurdles, less time, less costs.


Spray drying for inhalation

Innovative particle engineering platform by spray drying. Biopharmaceuticals and high dosage delivery. Ensure process robustness and scalability from lab to commercial.


Biorelevant characterization of inhalation products

Biorelevant tools provide a better assessment of the final product performance while supporting a quality-by-design approach with reduced development time.