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Press Release / Nov 22, 2021

Hovione announces New Pharma Campus expansion in New Jersey

This expansion in New Jersey will create up to 100 jobs over the next few years is part of a global expansion strategy

R&D Center and Manufacturing Plant in the USA | Hovione

New Jersey, USA, 22nd November 2021 - Hovione, the global leader in spray drying and particle engineering announced that it is expanding its New Jersey site in East Windsor, laying the foundations for a state-of-the-art Hovione Campus. This expansion in New Jersey will create up to 100 jobs over the next few years is part of a global expansion strategy representing an investment of $170million in increasing its capacity at its sites in the USA, Ireland and Portugal and was recently announced by Guy Villax, Chief Executive Officer, and Jean-Luc Herbeaux, Chief Operating Officer at Hovione.

In New Jersey, Hovione will add a 31,000 sqft building next to its current facility in East Windsor, New Jersey, laying the foundations for a state-of-the-art Hovione Campus. This investment will bring additional commercial spray drying capacity online by 2023. The expansion will allow the company to respond to the needs of customers who favor US-based manufacturing through their development cycles all the way to commercial. Additionally, it will solidify the Hovione’s integrated offer: API - Particle Engineering - Drug Product in the region.

“Hovione has set the goal of becoming the leading company provider of innovative and integrated solutions for the global pharmaceutical industry by 2028. Given its dimension and above all, the extremely high regulatory requirements, the US market is fundamental for the company and this investment represents a key step in our expansion strategy” says Filipe Tomás, General Manager at Hovione in New Jersey. He adds that “Hovione was established more than 60 years ago in Portugal and the company’s sustainable organic growth has allowed us to strive for excellence, rigor, innovation and quality. Present in the US since 2002, we have ensured that these values remain at the forefront of what we do at the New Jersey site”.

About Hovione: Hovione is an international company with over 60 years of experience as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) and is currently a fully integrated supplier offering services for drug substance, drug product intermediate and drug product. With four FDA inspected sites in the USA, China, Ireland and Portugal and development laboratories in Lisbon, Portugal and New Jersey, USA, the company provides branded pharmaceutical customers services for the development and compliant manufacture of innovative drugs including highly potent compounds. For generic pharmaceutical customers the company offers niche API products. In the inhalation area, Hovione is the only independent company offering a complete range of services. Hovione is a company with a culture based on innovation, quality and delivery. Hovione is a member of Rx-360, EFCG and participates actively in industry quality improvement initiatives to lead new global industry standards.

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