Project Management

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Project Management at Hovione

  • Track record of Project Management @ Hovione has proven to be the most effective way of enabling customer interaction, delivery on time and  customer satisfaction
  • Projects span the entire range of complexity from less complex (laboratory / R&D work) to more complex such as PPQ / Tech Transfers and follow closely the escalating demands as a therapeutic follows the drug development lifecycle to become an approved medication
  • Project Teams are formed by a Project Manager and a Team Member representative of different functional areas (e.g. R&D; Manufacturing; Quality Assurance; Quality Control; HSEE, etc) 
  • Hovione values collaborative work between project teams (Customer and Hovione) with regular interactions based on an agreed communication plan



Purpose, Mission and Growth

Why do PMO exist?

Hovione PMO operates as a Center of Excellence for project management and integrates consistently people, processes and tools in a way that impacts positively team members enablement and engagement and contributes to customer satisfaction and sustainable growth. 

The Project Management ways of working are inspired in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), an industry standard methodology from Project Management Institute (PMI). Proposed best practices aim at maintaining the standards of process related to project management at Hovione, determining methodologies for repeatable processes. 



Where do we see PMO in the future? 

Deliver win-win solutions on time and in full with focused teams speaking with one voice, working in an efficient and collaborative environment, leading a long term sustainability with satisfied customers.


What PMO needs to do to Materialize that Vision?

Project Management will be recognized as the best in class by our internal and external partners.


Transparent communication in real time, at multiple levels:

We communicate regularly within team meetings with an agreed-upon agenda. We take the lead on 1:1 communications whenever needed. Our Project Management IT supporting toolbox allows remote real time project monitoring at different dimensions (documentation, operations, analytical testing, etc).



“Very quick project familiarization, the team quickly understood the issues of the project and was able to solve those issues. Very pleased with how things went; there were problems, as in all projects, but there was always transparency”

US Biotech, West Coast


We communicate problems (and potential solutions) even earlier than achievements.
Hovione provides up-to-date systems for document sharing and online process monitoring:


  • Navstream: a read-only, internet based management tool that enables selective access to all GMP data referent to your development project or production line at Hovione. You will be able to navigate a comprehensive range of data from our SAP (ERP), LIMS (QC/Laboratory Information Management System), Change Control System, Deviation Management System and Controlled Documentation database relevant to your development project. This application is user-friendly but fully protected by a security system that only allows validated Customers to log-in and access their own project data.
  • E-room for document sharing: Hovione also provides our customers an exclusive area in our document management system (a secure, web-based, on-line project collaboration library) that facilitates the management, exchange, review and storage of documents.



Also in Capabilities

Enhanced process understanding

Ensuring enhanced understanding through state of the art methodologies and technologies.


Our Experts

Exceptional people ensure exceptional projects.