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Press Clipping / Mar 22, 2018

Five Minutes with Marco Gil - DCAT WEEK’18

TKS, TeckoScienze Publisher, March 22, 2018


Marco Gil, PhD

Senior Director Commercial Services

PH: How is business right now?

Gil: Business is going well. The CDMO industry is quite busy, not just Hovione. It comes naturally from the good environment that investors found in the biotech sector overall, so there are many programmes ongoing in development. Business is well funded, there is a lot of activity and CDMOs benefit from that. Also, large pharma continues to divest manufacturing assets. The trends of recent years remain and I think they will continue for the next months. The off-patents business is growing too. There is a lot of interest in niche, specialised APIs with specific properties from a physical standpoint.

PH: What specialised technologies are you investing in?

Gil: Spray drying is one of our core technologies,...

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