Drug Product Manufacturing

To extend Hovione further we are now able to offer clinical supplies manufacturing for drug products.

From scalable lab processes through commercial scale spray drying, to regulatory agency-inspected clinical trials manufacturing facilities, Hovione can address all your particle engineering needs.

With spray drying facilities in three countries we can produce materials in range of batch sizes, from a few grams to hundreds of kilograms. Our spray drying facilities are inspected and approved by all major regulatory authorities and audited by more than 30 clients a year. We can ship your Drug Product Intermediate anywhere you wish or continue downstream processing at our Drug Product facility.

A range of Drug Product dosage forms can be prepared. With blending, dry granulation, milling, tableting, film coating and encapsulation equipment at our disposal, batches can be prepared from a few grams, for formulation evaluation, to Proof of Concept (POC) clinical batches. 



Also in Oral

Drug Product Development

Leveraging our expertise particle engineering, Hovione can now develop oral dosage forms and inhaled dosages forms to offer dependable solutions for complex drug products.