Drug Product Development

Leveraging our expertise particle engineering, Hovione can now develop oral dosage forms and inhaled dosages forms to offer dependable solutions for complex drug products.

Hovione can develop your molecule wherever you are in the development process. With thorough preformulation assessments or efficient technology transfer processes, the Hovione team can efficiently move your molecule along the development path.

The use of computer models reduces the material requirements and time to generate data. With a range of particle engineering solutions available, Hovione's experts can work with you to select the most appropriate approach. From conventional milling to nano-milling, top-down processes allow for a range of size reductions. Bottom-up processes are addressed by nano-crystallization. Stable amorphous dispersions are prepared with a range of spray drying and hot melt extrusion technologies available. 


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Drug Product Manufacturing

To extend Hovione further we are now able to offer clinical supplies manufacturing for drug products.