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Press Clipping / Dec 05, 2017

Economic and environmental benefits from energy-efficient compressed-air system

Engineers Journal, December 5, 2017

HSEE Health Safety Environment | Hovione

Energy-efficient compressors and visualisation software have given Cork-based pharmaceutical firm Hovione more control over operating costs and energy use, writes Kenneth Lloyd.

Hovione, a Cork-based pharmaceutical firm, has realised multiple benefits from leasing a high-end compressed air system under a lease agreement. The Portuguese pharmaceutical firm acquired its Cork site in 2009. It was a state-of-the-art facility although, inevitably, the company inherited some older equipment. In 2015, it was apparent that the compressed air system needed to be replaced due to inefficiencies and reliability concerns.

However, the company had a preference for leasing, as opposed to buying, the equipment in this instance. It appointed compressed air solutions experts, O’Neill Industrial, to provide a new compressed air system under a lease agreement.

The benefits of leasing the equipment in contrast to buying were multiple for Hovione: it has...


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