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DDF - 15th Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit

Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Thursday, May 23, 2024
Location: Berlin, Germany
Booth Number: Table # 16

Hovione will be exhibiting at the Global DDF Summit, the premier drug delivery, formulation and device development event from May 21-23 in Berlin. 

Don’t miss the chance to speak with our experts – Table No. 16 – and learn how our extensive knowledge and experience can support your project from early stages of development to commercialization.

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On May 22, don’t miss our Technology & Innovation session 

Manufacturing Amorphous Solid Dispersions for Continuous Direct Compression: Streamlining End-to-End Formulation and Process Development


This presentation will provide an end-to-end overview of an amorphous solid dispersion (ASD) development approach focusing not only on selecting the best excipients (including alternative excipients to broaden the formulation landscape) but also how to convert it into a commercially viable process as a final oral dosage form by Continuous Direct Compression. Using a streamlined approach and proprietary technologies, an overview of how to expedite the screening phase and process development with minimal API requirements will be given. This not only shortens the time to Phase I/IND by accelerating formulation and process development but also improves supply chain flexibility and opens new possibilities for Lifecycle Management. To deliver a successful ASD-based oral dosage form by Continuous Direct Compression, the following aspects must be considered: 1) high-throughput screening, 2) digital twins and scale-up models, and 3) integrated ASD and tablet formulation / process development. Hovione case studies on enabling Continuous Direct Compression of ASDs will be discussed.

Key learnings:

  • Unleashing full potential of ASDs requires integrated optimization of formulations and processes, leveraging integrated high throughput formulation platforms (ASD-HIPROS) to reduce time to Phase I/IND.
  • Engineered Spray Dried powders are amenable to Continuous Direct Compression, which greatly simplifies drug product process trains and improves supply chain flexibility / Lifecycle Management options.


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Webinar Series Spray Drying Speakers - Ines Ramos | Hovione
Webinar Series Spray Drying Speakers - Pedro Monteiro | Hovione
Inês Ramos, Ph.D.
R&D Manager
Oral Drug Product Development - Formulation Group
Pedro Monteiro, M.Sc. 
R&D Senior Scientist 
Oral Drug Product Development - Formulation Group


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