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14th Global DDF Summit - Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 00:00
Friday, June 02, 2023 - 00:00
Location: Berlin, Germany
Booth Number: Table #25

Hovione will be exhibiting at the Global DDF Summit, the premier drug delivery, formulation and device development event from 31 May – 2 June in Berlin. 

Don’t miss the chance to speak with our experts – Table #25 – and learn how our extensive knowledge and experience can support you from the early stages of development for low solubility APIs, increasing drug product performance to commercialization.

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Get to know more about ASD-HIPROS, the most advanced and accurate screening platform able to identify the most efficient and stable Amorphous Solid Dispersion formulations by Spray Drying. Requiring as little as 5g of API, ASD-HIPROS rapidly screens for the best combination of drug loads, excipients – including Dispersome® BLG novel protein-based excipient – and surfactants with an advanced computational tool followed by Spray Drying of up to 24 of the most promising formulations.  



On May 31st at 2:40 PM (local time), don’t miss our Technology & Innovation session with Mafalda Paiva, Senior Manager, R&D Analytical Development at Hovione


"ASD-based oral drug product development: the role of biopredictive tools"

A faster and reliable early development phase is what the industry seeks, the patient expects, and the scientific community contributes to. At Hovione, we’re working to second this with high-throughput approaches for amorphous solid dispersions (ASD)-based oral drug product development with the most adequate functional excipients. This is supported by the understanding of the mechanisms that underly enhanced performance. Dissolution and permeation mechanisms of ASDs are complex and have increasingly been studied over the last years. This knowledge and the link between enhanced drug exposure and process parameters are key when formulating BCS II and IV poorly soluble compounds. One of the mechanisms identified relates to the ability of some ASDs to form drug rich colloids. These structures can, and often do, behave as a drug reservoir acting as a continuous supply of drug as it permeates. Along with the increasing demand for complex formulations comes the need for appropriate in vitro methodologies capable of predicting their corresponding in vivo performance and the mechanisms controlling the drug release which can impact on in vivo drug absorption. In this presentation we'll review formulation strategies to enhance drug exposure and the in vitro methodologies that can support effective in vitro formulation screening. Also, the data presented can shed light on the important dissolution and permeation mechanisms that govern increased drug product performance and how this knowledge - currently part of Hovione portfolio - can be a reliable partner at the early stages of development for low solubility APIs. 


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