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Press Release / Sep 03, 2003

Hovione and CKD announce joint collaboration to produce and market Simvastatin

Hovione and CKD Bio Corporation (CKD Bio) have signed an agreement to produce and market simvastatin on a worldwide basis.

Hovione and CKD announce joint collaboration to produce and market Simvastatin1

Hovione and CKD Bio Corporation (CKD Bio) have signed an agreement to produce and market simvastatin on a worldwide basis. The joint collaboration will offer the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for simvastatin under cGMP to FDA and ICH requirements as well as the registration dossiers for simvastatin tablets for the European and United States markets. Both companies will be offering the product for sale only in countries where such does not represent an infringement of third party patent rights.

The collaboration guarantees an integrated supply chain for simvastatin – CKD Bio produces lovastatin that Hovione further transforms into simvastatin. Hovione has exclusive rights to use CKD Bio´s patented process (WO 01/45484 A2) for simvastatin manufacturing. The process validation batches of simvastatin (API) have been concluded, the filings will be ready in Spring 2003 and are suitable for worldwide registration.

The joint collaboration offers the market with probably the most competitive integrated manufacturing platform for the reliable supply of simvastatin API for the generic industry. CKD Bio has dedicated a portion of its fermentation capacity to the production of lovastatin. The new complete automated manufacturing building inaugurated in November 2001 in Macao by Hovione is dedicated to the synthesis of simvastatin. This integrated supply assures the generic industry with a reliable supply of simvastatin as well as a competitive price. The two Companies enjoy a long and fruitful business relationship, having collaborated in several projects involving semi-synthesis active ingredients over the last 30 years. The simvastatin project demonstrates the unique synergies, which the two companies benefit from. One with an unparalleled excellence in fermentation and the other with a long history of success in building synthetically on natural products and scaling the processes to industrial manufacture. This strategic integration puts Hovione and CKD Bio in a unique position to guarantee reliability of supply, competitive terms and complete customer support – for both API supply and/or final formulations including all registration requirements.

Simvastatin was developed by Merck and is currently marketed as Zocor®, by Merck & Co. and was the largest selling prescription drug in worldwide sales (USD 6.67bn) in 2001. The markets of United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan account for 58 tons of API annual consumption.


Hovione is an international Group dedicated to the process development and synthesis of APIs, serving exclusively the Pharma industry. With FDA inspected plants in Europe and Asia and a Technology Transfer Centre in New Jersey, Hovione is committed to the highest levels of service and quality. Hovione is a specialist in manufacturing difficult to make APIs and regulated intermediates under the most stringent controls of safety, quality and environmental protection. Hovione has more than 40 years of experience in chemical processes and, with 500 m3 of reactor capacity, has produced industrially more than 50 APIs.

CKD Bio is a Korean company established in 1941, with extensive research and production capabilities in the fermentation of active pharmaceutical ingredients. CKD Bio has a fermentation plant in Korea with a total fermentation capacity of 1.200m3. This plant is FDA inspected for several products. CKD Bio exports 30-40% of its production to the United States and Europe. CKD Bio has a division of Pharmaceutical Technology and New Drug Development of the Research Institute, located in Korea.


1 This announcement is not to be construed as a representation or as an offer to sell in those countries where such would constitute an infringement of third parties’ patent rights

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