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Press Clipping / Feb 08, 2018

Hovione Researcher on month-long study visit to ISAB Labs

LAB BLOG: Inhalation Sciences, February 8, 2018

Hovione doctoral researcher Beatriz Noriega returns to ISAB’s labs in Stockholm for her ongoing research into preclinical in vitro dissolution testing. She talks to Lab Blog about why she believes dissolution testing is critical, and how she’s hoping to prove it.

Hovione Ph.D. researcher Beatriz Noriega has been working for two years so far on her doctoral thesis, authoring four well-received posters and with two accepted for the next Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Conference in April 2018. This is Beatriz’s second research visit to ISAB’s labs to use the in vitro simulation tool DissolvIt, as part of her work in the Particle Design and Inhalation Development department of Hovione’s R&D Drug Product Development. Her mission? “No matter how similar formulations may seem, until you analyze dissolution you never really know,” says Beatriz. She took time out from her research to talk to our ISAB Lab Blog.

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