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Press Clipping / Mar 21, 2023

Hovione enters partnership with Ripple Therapeutics

Manufacturing Chemist, 21 March 2023


The move is set to expand the use of Ripple's Epidel platform beyond ophthalmic applications

Hovione, specialist in spray drying and particle engineering, and Ripple Therapeutics, a leading ophthalmic sustained drug delivery company, have entered a strategic partnership to expand the use of Ripple's Epidel platform beyond ophthalmic applications. 

The core feature of Ripple’s Epidel technology is the ability to deliver sustained-release pharmaceuticals with surface erosion release kinetics without the use of polymers or excipients. This enables higher drug loading, smaller size implants, defined and predictable biocompatible degradation products with straightforward and scalable manufacturing processes. Surface erosion-based drug release provides a highly effective way to control dose and duration. By incorporating Ripple's Epidel platform into its toolbox, Hovione can expand its portfolio of novel drug delivery solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

“The combination of technology synergy, innovative vision and cultural fit makes collaborating with Hovione an exciting next step in the advancement of the Epidel platform beyond the ophthalmic field,” stated Dr Wendy Naimark, Ripple co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Hovione’s expertise in controlled, sustained drug delivery, along with their experience in chemical synthesis and pharmaceutical manufacturing, makes for a great partnership.”

"We are thrilled to partner with Ripple, who developed a state-of-the-art platform for sustained release," said Dr Jean-Luc Herbeaux, Hovione's CEO. "Our shared goal is to accelerate and broaden the access to this highly innovative and enabling technology for the benefit of our pharmaceutical customers and their patients worldwide."


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