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News / Nov 10, 2021

World Science Day 2021

Science saves lives - to celebrate science is to celebrate life

Today we celebrate World Science Day for Peace and Development.

A year ago, on a day like this, Covid-19 limited our day-to-day life and narrowed humanity's expectations like never before. When would partial or total confinement end? When would the rules that restrained the most basic human instinct – close contact with other people, come to an end?

A month later, in December 2020, anticipating the best expectations by years… science has found not one but several vaccines able to stop the spread of the virus. Hovione closely witnessed this extraordinary evolution.

Today, on World Science Day, our scientists spread across three continents, feel especially proud to be part of the international scientific community that will always live up to its responsibilities.

World health can count on us.

Science saves lives — to celebrate science is to celebrate life.


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