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News / Apr 20, 2018

2018 Ivan Villax Day

Team-members across all sites went back to the community and ensured that they had a significant positive impact

2018 Ivan Villax Day | Hovione

Small gestures can truly change the world!

Ivan Villax, who was born on April, the 16th of 1925 in a small town in Hungary, left his country when he was 23 years old with a toothbrush in one pocket and a Chemical Engineering Diploma in the other. Later on, in 1959, already in Portugal, Ivan Villax, together with Diane Villax and two other Hungarians, founded Hovione.

On April the 20th of 2018 we celebrated the second Ivan Villax Day across all Hovione sites (Portugal, Ireland, Macau and USA). Team-members across all sites went back to the community and ensured that they had a significant positive impact:

  • Planted trees in Loures
  • Did volunteering work with homeless in Cork
  • Donated rice and oil in Macao
  • Donated personal care items in New Jersey
2018 Ivan Villax Day | Hovione


In Loures, about 115 Team Members from the various sites and offices of Hovione participated in an action to replant 500 trees, pines and cork oaks on a municipal site. The planting of these trees will contribute to the reduction of the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, thus reducing the effects of climate change caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases. This initiative was supported and closely monitored by the field technicians of the Division of Green Zones and Forests of the Municipality of Loures.


In Cork around 120 Team Members volunteered at two homeless shelters, in which they painted and treated the gardens of the shelters. Furthermore, the result of a Cake Sale was also donated. This year, the focus was to work with a well recognised local and national agency, the Simon Community, to support the homeless people.


“Love Food Sharing" was a campaign organized by Hovione Macau with the cooperation of Centro do Serviço de Fornecimento Temporário de Alimentos da Caritas and its aim is to share food and love with the elderly. On this day, 31 Team Members in Macau visited 40 elderly families in need and gave them 80 bottles of cooking oil and rice sacks.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, over the course of a month, 110 people donated hundreds of personal care items for local community members in need. Additionally, Team Members attended an event where they put all the items together in care packages, which included inspirational words of encouragement and support to those struggling in the local community.

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