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ISPE Annual Meeting

Sunday, October 15, 2023
Wednesday, October 18, 2023
Location: Las Vegas, USA

ISPE Annual Meeting offers the opportunity to engage in industry-critical conversations. A comprehensive education program provides attendees with technical sessions on the latest developments in supply chain, operations, facilities, equipment, information systems, product development, production systems, quality systems, regulatory guidance and cutting-edge industry innovations.

On October 17 (11am) Anthony Tantuccio, Fellow Scientist at Hovione, is hosting a presentation on “Continuous Tableting Control Strategies: When and How to Apply Them” where he will share key considerations about appropriate control strategies in CT and how Hovione is positioning itself to enable them. This presentation is included on the topic “Advancements in Drug development and Equipment design”.

Session description:
A CDMO’s role is particularly critical for the adoption of CM in that an equipment standard needs to be established where most of the industry can seamlessly integrate with their own development, manufacturing, and supply chains.

The processes and knowledge of owning and operating the technology must be broad, yet robust, to assure that the benefits outweigh the perceived risks by a meaningful margin. Equally important and fundamental is the control strategy, which provides the final assurance that the chosen manufacturing process is fit for the intended product and will provide the desired quality. It is the fundamental component which is the most challenging to standardize because the drug pipelines are constantly evolving, and demand volumes are volatile these days.

This means it is not possible to have a one-size-fits-all control strategy, that depending on the product lifecycle and the nature of the formulation, the control strategy too may need to be flexible and evolve. This talk will focus on the key themes pertinent to the robust and pragmatic continuous tableting control strategies which Hovione is positioning itself to offer and deploy.

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