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Article / Mar 01, 2005

Hovione: More Than Just Very Good

Drug Delivery Technology, March 2005

Interview with Hovione's CEO, Guy Villax.

“Many of the new compounds in development present significant challenges. For example, they may be very fragile, and in simple terms, galenic techniques enable the chemist to isolate the API already in a preformulated more stable form. We call these Enhanced APIs.”

There is much talk about the convergence of disciplines in the life-sciences area. Hovione has been involved in manufacturing APIs under current cGMP for nearly 50 years. Many development candidates present an increasing set of challenges: complexity of the molecule, poor bioavailability yet highly potent, very high purity, poor stability, etc.....often simultaneously. Meeting these demands has opened opportunities for the “top-of-the-line” Contract Manufacturing Organizations to develop strengths in new disciplines and to combine capabilities never before found on the same campus, let alone within a validated commercial scale GMP environment. Hovione has traditionally been a CMO of small molecules and is now adding new skills and capabilities that address the special needs of large molecules, peptides, and antibodies. Hence, Hovione now offers a range of galenic enhancements that contribute decisively to making certain APIs into viable industrial propositions, in purpose-designed containment areas built to uncommon standards, to serve projects managed with multidisciplinary staff. Drug Delivery Technology recently interviewed Mr. Guy Villax, Hovione’s CEO, to discuss his company’s philosophy and business strategy, a vision based on an intimate understanding of client needs and technology trends. APIs of the 21st century present increased difficulties not only in their traditional fields (chemistry, engineering, analytical chemistry), but in new areas of technology as well as management.



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