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Article / Dec 01, 2008

Family Owned Businesses

Chemistry Today, December 2008

Private companies usually have their shareholders meet every Sunday lunch, shop talk is kept to a minimum so as not to offend the “in-laws” and siblings not involved in the business.
Family owned companies are involved in management and get remunerated by far more than just dividends. The reputation that comes with a company that does well, that is a highly sought-after employer, that leads in innovation, in environmental thinking and international expansion, that does things right - rubs onto the family. For a family to be leading a business that is a role model brings a non-monetary compensation that makes this tight-knit group far richer than any stock market investor could ever be. Can you imagine the pride of a family where the business it owns addresses the capacity needs for the only paediatric HIV protease inhibitor? or the most innovative (avian) flu medicine?

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