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Poster / Nov 12, 2017

Use of Supercritical-CO2 Assisted Spray Drying for the production of Pharmaceutical compounds

  • Claudia Moura
  • Marcio Temtem
  • Eunice Costa
AAPS 2017

To explore alternative particle engineering (PE) technologies for the production of pharmaceutical compounds:

  • Spray-drying (SD) - well-known & enabling technology – great control over properties such as PS, density and morphology; single/continuous operation, easily scalable.
  • Supercritical-CO2 Assisted Spray Drying (SASD):
    • promising alternative PE technology;
    • scCO2 is used as a cosolvent - assists the atomization process.
    • potentially ↓ organic solvents use and ↓ the drying temperature for the
    • particles formation - more eco and energy-friendly approach.
    • suitable for thermolabile drugs such as biologics (e.g. proteins).