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Patent / Jun 29, 2017

Tetracycline topical formulations, preparation and uses thereof in treating an ocular condition

  • Mohammad Salman
  • Arturo Angel
  • Vijaya Swaminathan
  • George Magrath
US 20170182071 A1 20170629

The invention relates to a topical suspension formulation that includes a tetracycline, a liq. medium and a polymeric gelling agent. The tetracycline may be in the form of its pharmaceutically acceptable salts, hydrates, or polymorphs and is in a suspended form within the formulation. The liq. medium is selected such that it does not dissolve or substantially minimally dissolves the tetracycline. The gelling agent is a polymeric hydrocarbon gelling agent. Preferably, the tetracycline has a particle size of less than or equal to about 20 μ.