Our Policies

Our Policies (Quality, HSEE, Human Resources, Innovation & Entrepreneurship) communicate and document our values.

Our Policies


Quality Policy

We are wholly committed to Quality. Our operations use capable processes, aim to be right first time and deliver without deficiencies (such as errors, repetition of work, failures and client dissatisfaction); so we assure the right quality and the safety of our products for patients.


Health, Safety, Environment and Energy Policy

Because the protection of people, facilities and environment is a constant concern and is strategic to our development, Hovione commits to manage its activities in accordance with the principles of protecting the health, safety and the environment.


Major Accident Prevention Policy

At Hovione we are very much aware of our responsibilities regarding accident prevention and follow a management policy focused on risk evaluation and control. We are fully committed towards actively preventing major accidents with dangerous substances.


Human Resources Management Policy

Hovione recognizes that people are its main asset and that the company continued success depends on the commitment, effort and professionalism of everyone that works at Hovione.


Global Child Labor and Forced Labor Policy

At Hovione we are committed to doing our part for a better world. We, of course, respect the law that rules everywhere we do business and we have zero-tolerance for any unethical business practices, whether these be internal or external. Our Rules of Conduct provide clear information in this regard. We also have strong core values and our principled approach means we demonstrate honesty and integrity in the way we operate. We expect this of ourselves and of those we work with. 


Innovation & Entrepreneurship Policy

Innovation lets us make better products and work better, leaner and quicker. Entrepreneurship turns risk into value and makes us more competitive.


Hovione’s Mission Statement

Hovione is a key link in the Pharma industry. We provide services and compliant products, we focus on doing well what is innovative and difficult, we aim to be recognized by customers, regulators and competitors as No.1 in the segments we target.


Code of Ethics

Hovione’s mission and the nature of its activities imply great responsibility. Hovione expects from all its Team Members a conduct in accordance to the principles of our code of ethics, our values and our policies.


Also in About Hovione

What we do

Hovione is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Company dedicated to helping Pharmaceutical Customers bring new and off-patent drugs to market.



Hovione is an independent family owned international group of companies.



Hovione is committed to doing its part for a better world.


History of Hovione

Hovione was established in Portugal in 1959 by Ivan Villax with his wife, Diane Villax, and two other Hungarian refugees: Nicholas de Horthy and Andrew Onody, thus forming the name HOVIONE.