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News / Aug 09, 2021

Our knowledge is available 365 days for you

Summer series

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Our knowledge is available 365 days for you.
Count on our multidisciplinary teams to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experience to develop and improve your project. As a specialist integrated CDMO we are dedicated to helping you bring new and off-patent drugs to market faster.

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Our scientists attend the leading events of the pharma industry throughout the year where they share their knowledge and present their innovative work.

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Moving Beyond
Particle Size Control

João Henriques (Group Leader,
R&D Drug Product Development)
Mafalda Paiva (Group Leader, Analytical Development)

Improving Bioavailability
& Solubility: Each Molecule
Is Unique - Emerging Platforms
Address Extreme Compounds

Contributor: João Henriques
(Group Leader, R&D
Drug Product Development)

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Semi-Automation in
Inhaler Testing - Exploring
the Potential & Practicalities

Discussion with João Pereira
(Team Leader, R&D Analytical Development)
Raquel Borda d' Água
(Associate Analytical Chemist, R&D Analytical Development; Copley) 

Where Continuous Flow
can help in today’s
Pharmaceutical Industry

Panel Discussion with
Rudi Oliveira
(Scientist, R&D Process
Engineering and Scale-up)








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Technology & Innovation

Performance Enhancement Strategies for
Low Solubility APIs – do more with less

Authors: Mafalda Paiva &
João Henriques

Workshop Presentation

Fully Integrated
DPI Development
From API To Device

Authors: João Pereira,
Beatriz Noriega Fernandes

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Predictive Scale-Up/Scale-Down for Production of Pharmaceuticals

Reaction Kinetic Model
Application to Speed up Development

Author: Filipe Ataíde

and Paper

Spray-dried composite
formulation for lung
sustained release

Author: Beatriz Noriega Fernandes