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Article / May 29, 2008

Business of Counterfeit Heparin and its Implications

3rd EFCG Pharma Business Conference, 29 May 2008

Why this presentation?

  • Almost 100 deaths have been traced to counterfeit heparin, probably a better data collection system would establish that many hundreds are now dead – not because of a regulatory failure but because of greed. Crime has been committed with premeditation and with recourse to science and industrial means – and nobody spells it out. and nobody spells it out.
  • Did someone make millions in profit, and poisoned to death hundreds of weak, defenseless patients? hundreds of weak, defenseless patients?
  • Is a police investigation underway?
  • Penny wise, pound foolish – these events cost / will cost billions to several big companies – and damaged brands.

Where a drug begins...


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