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Presentation / Oct 17, 2021

Make it Flow: Can Ring Shear Tester Predict Flowability Through Hoppers?

  • Maria Paisana
AAPS 2021

Track: Manufacturing and Analytical Characterization – Chemical
Rapid Fire: New Opportunities in Modeling, Controls, and Analytics (CE)


maria paisana Analytical Development Scientist | Hovione


Presenting Author: Maria Paisana - Senior Analytical Scientist, Analytical Development Group


This work focuses on the analyses of pharmaceutical powders by the ring shear tester (RST-XS.s) using two shear cells (XS-Mr, XS-SV3) and two wall friction cells (XS-MW, XS-WL0). The purpose is to select the most accurate cells and stress conditions to predict how these different materials flow through hoppers with different dimensions. In this study, the yield locus and the wall yield locus data obtained to different powders were treated mathematically and data was validated by discharging the powders through hoppers with different wall angles (45º, 30º, 20º and 15º).


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