Hovione’s new Brand

In it for life

As Hovione has grown, it has expanded beyond its API roots to embrace a wide range of new technologies and products. At the same time it has become less easy for the customers to see how the company’s offering was relevant and differentiated to them.  We, therefore, decided to develop a much bolder and more contemporary identity without losing the heritage of over 55 years. The new logo maintains some key elements of the original logo, such as the red and keeps the hexagon.


New Brand logo | Hovione
Tagline - In it for life | Hovione


  • The hexagon is a representation of chemistry – Hovione's core expertise
  • Capsules represent pharmaceuticals and form an abstract ‘H’
  • Colour red has equity and is inherited from previous identity – Hovione heritage






“In it for Life” is our new tagline. It means we are committed to our customers and are focused on playing our role in helping our customers bringing medicines to market that improve the lives of humankind.

We have also changed our website to align it with Hovione’s strategic vision for growth, positioning and offering. It offers a clean, modern design and easy-to-navigate functionality. It is responsive and automatically adjust to smartphones, tablets and computers.




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