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Poster / Nov 12, 2017

Benchmarking melt processing techniques for taste masking applications

  • Slavomira Doktorovova
  • Ines Matos
  • Peter Stayer
  • Marcio Temtem
  • João Henriques
AAPS 2017

Limitation of API bitter taste is a frequent requirement in formulation of pediatric medicines. Microencapsulation in a barrier-forming material is a proven method of avoiding exposure of bitter API. In this work, a small molecule model API was encapsulated in a solid lipid excipient in order to delay API release. The aim was to obtain lipid microparticles with particle size not more than than150 µm that would limit API release immediately after administration but not compromise complete API release within a reasonable time. Suitability of two different melt processing techniques for the production of lipid microparticles with the required characteristics was evaluated.