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Patent / Jun 06, 2020

Large dose disposable inhaler and method of simple filling

  • Joao Ventura
  • Peter Villax
  • Agostinho Carvalho
  • Daniel Caramelo
  • Sonia Josue
WO 2020114783

Abstract: A dry powder inhaler for pulmonary or nasal use, comprising at least an inhaler body (201) and a cartridge (203) with a plurality of powder compartments (205) each including one dose of a drug.  The body (201) has an opening (204) shaped for receiving the cartridge (203) and the plastic body recess (215) and the detent (218) to allow a controlled advancement and turning movement of the cartridge (203) relative to the body (201) for sequentially delivering each of the plurality of unit doses filled into the cartridge compartments (205)​.  The inhaler construction is suitable for filling the plurality of unit doses into the compartments (205) with the cartridge (203) assembled into the body (201)​.  The invention affords a large dose inhaler of single-​use and low cost that improves industrial filling and manufacturing cost for the delivery of high dosages of inhaled medicines.


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