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Article / May 20, 2022

Semi-continuous and continuous processes for enantiomeric separation

  • Marina Ciriani
  • Rudi Oliveira
  • Carlos Afonso
Green Chemistry, May 20, 2022

A review. Chiral resolution is an operation of great interest and increasing importance for the scientific community and industry. There are two approaches to provide enantiomerically pure compounds: by asym. synthesis of just one of the enantiomers or by resolution of racemates consisting of separating a mixture of both enantiomers. In the past years, extraordinary progress has been achieved in continuous enantiomeric separation, implementing more efficient procedures, and contributing to developing greener and more sustainable separation processes. This review article covers the main topics and applications of semi-continuous and continuous chiral separation focusing, in particular, on preferential crystallization, membrane separations, and continuous chromatog. It also offers an authors’ perspective on potential future directions in the field.