Approach to Product Development

Hovione’s assets represent value for life cycle management strategies, drugs repurposed route of administrations and paragraph IV opportunities in technically difficult generics.

Approach to Product Development

Hovione’s pipeline is structured within two core areas of development. One makes use of Hovione’s drug delivery platforms to create improved novel formulations of known drugs or to reposition existing molecules into a new route of administration. These new products bring value to the patient and differentiation to the market. The second element of the product development strategy targets the generic market. It is centered primarily in the integrated in-house development of generic dry-powder inhalers and on unlocking paragraph IV opportunities by deployment of Hovione’s technologies and know-how in chemistry and particle engineering.

Different models of Partnering with Hovione

Hovione has a diversified portfolio of proprietary products currently under development which range from new products (505b2 NDAs), to complex generics, to dry-powder inhalation devices. Hovione is pursuing business partnerships for its assets which can take the form of licensing arrangements, investment opportunities, or co-development synergistic collaborations.

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