Speak Up!

An Ethics Line to enable team members to Speak Up! if they evidence, experience or are victim of any wrongdoing at Hovione.

The Speak Up policy is a procedure implemented at Hovione aimed at preventing and stopping wrong actions and wrong behaviours, to be triggered whenever the corporate mechanisms of escalation and oversight are found not to function properly.

At Hovione, we are committed to conducting business with fairness, integrity and respect for the law, for our written policies, business rules and procedures, including the rules of conduct arising out of our Code of Ethics, and respect for our fundamental Values. This is a Company where people strive to do the right thing!

Notwithstanding such commitment, unexpected and wrongful behaviors can happen during the course of day-to-day business. It is everyone’s obligation to act upon such misconduct, and therefore we have put in place an effective procedure to which you are encouraged to resort to. By doing so, you allow us to deal with and adequately address a potential concern.

Always remember that by speaking up you are part of the solution and you are effectively helping the Company, its Team Members and its Clients. Therefore you will remain protected, as we will not tolerate any form of retaliation against you.

If you have questions relating to this Speak Up policy or if you need assistance in relation thereto, please contact us.


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