Global sourcing capabilities differentiated on market intelligence, long-term relationships and short lead times.

Sourcing capabilities

Hovione has a strong and well established network of preferred suppliers in approximately 30 different countries. Our Procurement is a cross-functional process led by Category Managers. Our global sourcing capabilities differentiate on market intelligence, long-term relationships and short lead times. For instance, our partnership with Chinese sources started in 1979 and continues to be managed by experienced local teams. In summary, we are in an unique position to assist you from the Supplier Selection to the Qualification in an efficient way.

Supplier Qualification & Supply Chain Security 

Our Supplier Qualification methodology is highly recognized by Customers and Health Authorities. The process follows a Risk Management approach and was developed based on ICH Q9 and best practices from the Rx-360 Consortium.

Technology Transfer

We have been successful, over the past 25 years, in the transfer of technology to our Strategic Suppliers with high levels of IP protection. Our global presence builds an easy access to different regions with a good match of cultures and common languages.

Also in Continuity of Supply

Financial Stability

Hovione is a well established and financially stable company


Regulatory support

Hovione has filings with every world health authority that has a DMF system for APIs such as FDA EDQM, PMDA, MHRA, HPRA, Infarmed