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Webinar / Nov 30, 2023

Webinar - Nasal powder delivery: Process, formulation and analytical characterization

  • Patricia Henriques
  • António Serôdio

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Featured Hovione experts in this webinar
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Webinar_Speakers_Antonio Serodio
Patrícia Henriques, M.Sc.
Inhalation and Advanced Drug Delivery
António Serôdio, M.Sc.
Analytical Scientist
Analytical Development


This webinar will address the most relevant solutions for nasal powder development covering both process and formulation optimization, as well as the analytical characterization, under an integrated development approach. 

Powders for nasal delivery have been recognized as advantageous dosage forms over liquids due to increased stability and residence time on nasal mucosa, with improved bioavailability. However, the scientific community still struggles with the existing gaps between formulation composition, particle engineering and nasal absorption. 

This presentation will cover different formulation platforms, focusing on the delivery of poorly soluble drugs, aiming to address the pharmacokinetics requirements of the target drug and indication. Different particle engineering strategies including spray drying and process optimization will be addressed, as well as physical and chemical characterization of nasal powders and advanced performance characterization methodologies that are able to predict in vivo behavior in nasal powder early development. The formulation-process-performance integrated approach is designed to maximize rate and extent of drug absorption while maintaining safety, being able to address a diversified array of diseases. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Gain insights on novel formulation development strategies for nasal powders, able to deliver drugs with challenging physicochemical profiles;
  • Understand the potential of spray drying capabilities for boosting targeted nasal delivery of powders; 
  • Discover analytical characterization techniques, for differentiated formulations, to further understand product properties that affect drug delivery;
  • Understand the analytical characterization methodologies for nasal powders;
  • Understand advanced performance methodologies that correlate with in vivo absorption; 
  • Interact with our experts during the live Q&A session.

Who Should Attend:

  • Pharmaceutical researchers and scientists
  • CMC experts on inhalation/nasal drug delivery
  • Business development, portfolio management and technology licensing experts
  • Inhalation product development professionals and therapeutics specialists

Watch On-demand.