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Webinar / Nov 19, 2018

Webinar - Amorphous Solid Dispersions: Increasing Solubility From API to Tablet

  • João Henriques
  • Paulo Lino
amorphous solid dispersions solubility API table | Hovione
João Henriques - Team Leader
Paulo Lino - Scientist


Up to 90% of the drugs in the pharmaceutical pipeline are classified as poorly soluble, according to the Biopharmaceutical Classification System. Amorphous solid dispersions have emerged as one of the preferred methods to increase aqueous solubility of drugs.

This webinar will focus on several aspects of the formulation screening of amorphous solid dispersions, for both the drug product intermediate and the final drug product.


Key Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of amorphous solid dispersion as an enabling technique in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Screening methodologies for amorphous solid dispersions
  • Drug product formulation of amorphous solid dispersions

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