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Patent / Jan 01, 2013

Production of near monodisperse particles using milling and membrane separation

  • Jose Santos
WO 2013144554

The present invention provides a method for producing particles having a reduced particle size distribution, which method comprises the steps of: a) providing a compn. comprising particles; b) subjecting the particles in said compn. to a size redn. step or to a size growth step; c) feeding said particles to a first membrane sepn. system to sep. said particles according to size; d) recycling those particles that do not meet the size criteria back to step a); e) optionally, collecting in a collection tank the permeate of the first membrane sepn. system. Particles obtainable according to the method of the invention and characterized by having a near monodisperse particle size distribution are also provided. The particles are preferably characterized by having a particle size distribution with a span of less than 2.0. The invention also provides pharmaceutical compns. comprising particles according to the invention, and also app. for carrying out the method of the invention.